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26 December 2009

Controller of Defence Accounts Officers (CDAO) Pune keeps track of rge salary details of the Indian Army. The CDAO is responsible for audit and payment of pay/allowances and Travel Allowances (TA) and Leave Travel Concessions (LTC), and all opther personal claims, of all officers of Indian Army. You can find the recruitment details, results and salary details of CDAO Pune on their website at: https://www.cdaopune.org. The CDAO Pune website will give you details of Salary, HBA, DSOPF, Receipt of Claims, etc. www.cdaopune.org - CDAO Pune Controller Of Defence Accounts (Officers) Official Website. Check the official website for Controller Of Defence Accounts (Officers) CDAO Pune. At www.cdaopune.org find your IRLA and log in with your Username & Password for receipt details, cheques, bankers, salary details. There's the Hindi version too.

Website: http://www.cdaopune.org/

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